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You can apply to renew your passport if you still have your last passport and:

  • it was a standard UK adult ten-year passport or a UK five-year child’s passport issued before you were 16
  • it is undamaged
  • you do not need to change your name

You cannot renew your passport if:

  • you were previously included as a child on someone else’s passport

In this case you will need to apply for a first adult passport.

Changing Details

If you have changed your name by marriage, deed poll, civil partnership or any other officially recorded reason, you must apply to renew your passport regardless of the expiry date in place. The fees for changing details are the same as for a standard passport renewal, and up to 9 months will be added to the expiry date of the renewal as some compensation for time lost on your old passport.

If you change your appearance eg grow a beard or dye your hair, it is not necessary to renew your passport providing you are still identifiable in your photo.

You also don’t need to renew your passport if you change address, job or title.

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