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Do Children Need A Passport?

Children under the age of 16yrs can no longer be included on a parent or guardian’s passport, and must have their own passport in order to travel abroad.

The passport must be applied for by someone who has legal parental responsibility. This is automatic if you –

  • are the child’s mother
  • are the child’s father and are married to the child’s mother
  • were married to the child’s mother when the child was born (or, in Scotland, when the mother became pregnant)
  • have adopted the child (alone, or jointly)

Other circumstances may also mean that you have legal parental responsibility, but this can vary significantly depending on where in the UK you live or where the child was registered. It is recommended that you check your eligibility to apply for a child’s passport if you do not meet the criteria above. Further information is available from the UK Government Website

Note that being the child’s legal guardian may not mean that you automatically have legal parental responsibility.

Fees and Duration

A child’s passport lasts for 5 years, as opposed to the standard 10 years for an adult passport and currently costs £46.

Children’s Passport Photo Requirements

The list of requirements in our guide to submitting a Biometric Passport Photo also apply for a child’s passport, but with the following amendments –

  • Babies can be supported by a hand, but the hand must not be seen in the submitted photo
  • No dummies or toys must be in the picture
  • Children under 6 do not need a neutral expression
  • Babies under 1 do not need their eyes open
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