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Passport photos don’t just need to have a specific size – they also need to be adjusted correctly to the official passport photo template of the issuing country. The biometrical template of the UK is shown below.

uk biometrical templateMost European countries use the same photo format as the UK, but the template and requirements differ slightly between nations. Many countries publish current requirements online, and we include lots of international information in our guide to UK Passport Photos.

For non-UK passports. you can use our persofoto sizer to determine the correct size and chose the correct template for your country or destination.

The download of the cropped and adjusted images is completely free for you to print at home!

Alternatively, we would be happy to hand check and adjust your photo, before printing it and posting it to you. If you chose our service, we’ll also check to make sure it is suitable for the selected purpose and advise you of any possible problems.

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