Identity Cards were introduced to the UK in 2006, but the legislation was repealed in 2010, and there are currently no plans for a compulsory ID Card scheme.

Despite this, the UK government still publishes a list of approved ID Card suppliers under the PASS scheme, due to increasing restrictions on the purchase of alcohol and tobacco within the UK.

Although the legal age for buying and consuming alcohol is 18, many retailers participate voluntarily in the “Challenge” scheme, where staff must challenge people they believe may be under the legal age for buying restricted products.

Legislation was introduced in Scotland in 2010 creating the “Challenge25” scheme in an attempt to limit the sale of alcohol to people under 18.

Other than proving the holder’s age, ID Cards have no legal standing and cannot be used as valid ID for any other purpose.

How Much Does It Cost?

ID Cards from one of the approved suppliers are relatively inexpensive, costing between £15 and £30.

ID Cards issued under the PASS scheme generally have no expiry date, and are used solely to validate the holder’s date of birth.