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After uploading and ordering a photo, you receive a brief confirmation email.

If you ordered a biometric passport picture or a visa picture, we'll first make a suitablity check. If your picture is suitable, we'll proceed.

Unsuitable photos can be swapped easily. But if we do not receive a feedback to our messages within 3 business days, we might send you the most recent photo. But if there is any chance for the image being accepted, we retouch and fine-tune it the best we can. However, we can no longer guarantee acceptance, in this case. Therefore check your email mailbox the day after ordering.

We fine-tune every single ordered photo, to optimally set the photographed person in the scene and to guarantee the acceptance by the authorities.

Orders with express option are prioritized and will be processed within 8 hours and afterwards shipped by priority air mail. They are the fastest option. Check out the shipping time estimator for your country.

Orders can be paid via PayPal, Sofort and bank transfer.

In case you have got questions, tips or criticism you reach us via info@persofoto.com.

PersoFoto is a service you can use to create passport photos for your passport, idcard, driving license and many other purposes in three easy steps.

We examine the images of all orders for suitability. If a biometric passport photo required and ordered photo does not meet the requirements, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to swap the photo easily. Mostly every customer was able to create a biometric passport photo so far.

We ship our pictures worldwide. And even free of charge - no surcharges for deliveries abroad. Orders to the UK and US can be handled via persofoto.com, orders to Germany via persofoto.de. Et si vous parlez français, vous pouvez facilement personnaliser et / ou commander vos photos via idphoto.app. Through the local teams and the shorter delivery routes, we can ensure an even speedier delivery.

All images are automatically deleted 30 days after uploading. We do NOT sell them to others nor we do any marketing or other fancy stuff. We just use them for processing the orders.

Our PersoFoto Passport Photo Generator is available in different versions. We also provide a Adobe Flash based version. It needs Flash version 9 or later. However, you do not need Flash if you use a modern browser.

Sure. Just make sure, the quality is okay. For best results, the face should be well lit. The photographed person should ideally look towards a window. Then it works best.

Yes, probably. Pretty much every official document for most countries in the world has to be biometric. Most of the time this means, you are not allowed to smile and have to face the camera directly.

You can use our PersoFoto Passport Photo Generator for free to crop and align your photos. Every picture can be downloaded for free.

Or you order a set of printed pictures - checked, fine-tuned, best quality. A set of passport pictures starts at GBP 0.00. Special formats for foreign countries might cost up to GBP 7.95 (😱 uh, what a difference). Read more on our front-page.

Jap, we can! You can create pictures in the most common sizes via our website. But if you have a very special format, send us a message. We will also create pictures in you special format - definitely! Our Sizer helps you to determine the needed passport photo format for most countries in the world.

All uploaded images will be deleted automatically, 30 days after uploading. We do NOT sell or use them for any other purpose, than to process orders. They are only accessable through the encrypted link created directly after uploading and adjusting.

We have to save your billing information for 10 years due to local law. Every image is deleted automatically, 30 days after uploading. Your personal address is encrypted and saved in a database.

The site is accessible via https and SSL encrypted. All data sent between browser and website / server is therefore encrypted and protected to the best standards. Delivery addresses are saved in an encrypted database.