The Online Application-Photo-Generator

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Did you know?

You can adjust your photo via drag'n'drop. It can be moved with W A S D, zoomed with + and -, and rotated with q and e or , and .. For quick-rotating an image 90 degrees, press r or Enter.

Switch the uploader?

Go back to the Adobe Flash based comfort-upload. Or try our simple HTML file upload - if you plan to order, adjusting the picture to the template is then done by our team.

Choosing the perfect photo

A good application photo should convey a sympathetic und competent impression. Therefore it's important to be in a self-confident and happy mood while taking the picture.

Ideally you should take the picture by daytime. You should wear your favorite outfit and have fun. This way you can achieve a "real" sympathetic facial expression.

To make things easy you should ask someone to help you out. Take a couple of photos to be able to selecting the perfect shot, showing your best look, later.

The background color should be distinguished from the clothes and hairstyle. The classic is a bright background. If you've got a good camera you might want to play around with blurred backgrounds - Bokeh, yeah!

About the Online Application Photo Generator

With our handy Online Application Photo Generator you can crop photos in a flash and without installing another program. The usage is completely free.

Upon request, we fine-tune and retouch the picture professionally and send you high quality prints.